As many of you know, when we began Reclaim Hosting last summer we made the decision to run as a pilot for the first year offering domains at cost and charging nothing for hosting. We wanted to ensure this was both a service that people wanted to see as well as something that we were confident would serve a large community. The response was overwhelming with over 1,500 people joining us and calling Reclaim Hosting home. In the past year we’ve had a variety of challenges from building infrastructure to finding what the best way to build support and community could be. With the first year behind us, both Jim and I couldn’t be more pleased with where we are and we have a ton of ideas for the future.

Which brings us back to pricing. We know we can’t sustain this service long term for free, and the absolute last thing we’d ever want to do is sell out to a larger corporation to attempt to subsidize the cost in a way that doesn’t fit with our ideals. We firmly believe the best things on the web are worth paying for. But we wanted to continue to make it extremely affordable for folks who are just getting started and need a low-risk way of experimenting in these new spaces. So we’ve updated our pricing in a way that we believe is fair and affordable. Starting today, Reclaim Hosting accounts will be $25/year and continue to include a free domain registration as part of that package. For our users that are looking to upgrade to gain more space or add additional domains, we’re offering a $45 package that will support multiple domains and greater storage (existing users can upgrade their account in the client area). We also have a package for institutions that are serving large student bodies and spell some of those details out on our pricing page as well. If you’re interested in that get in touch!

We know raising prices sucks. We’ve tried to be as open about the pilot phase of Reclaim Hosting as we could and be assured this is a one-time adjustment that will ensure we’re around for years to come. Thanks for being a part of this great adventure and we look forward to continuing to serve you and build out some amazing opportunities for you and your schools in the next few months and years!