Top Ten Reasons to Reclaim in Ten Days

The Fall semester has taken us all by storm and hopefully you’ve had a chance to see things start to quiet down (or perhaps you’re looking fondly at the calendar towards December when that might be a reality). We feel you and we also realize that folks are already starting to plan for the Spring and it’s never been a better time to carve out your space online and build it with the support of a community and company that knows who you are and won’t stick you in a call queue with a number and little hope of success when you run into issues. We’ve been quietly working on a ton of different projects here both small and large and we’ve decided it’s time to start rolling them out. So fasten your seat-belts because for the next 10 days we’re going to consistently announce something new and we think you’ll find at least one or two things to love whether you’re a current customer or someone on the fence thinking of joining the pack.

#10: Doubling Down on our Community

We’ve been constantly blown away by the response from everyone to the launch of Reclaim just a little over a year ago and we have amazing hopes for the future. So today we want to thank you in a very simple way that also reflects how this growth and scale has helped us to build a better system that we all benefit from.

Effective immediately all accounts now have twice as much storage space

If there were ever a concern for folks it’s how much space they might accumulate online so we’ve doubled the storage of both Student and Faculty accounts to 2GB and 10GB respectively. All existing accounts got the upgrade today and new signups will benefit from the new storage plans as well which is now reflected on our pricing page. In addition to this we wanted to do something special for those that need the larger Faculty plan so we’re removing the limit on how many domains you can add to your hosting account. Student accounts will still be for a single domain (unlimited subdomains) but the $20 upgrade to a Faculty plan not only buys you 8GB of extra space but also the ability to add any domain your account without limitation (both accounts still benefit from a free registration or transfer during signup and new domain registrations and transfers are just $12 each).

So thank you for being a part of this amazing community. We look forward to taking the lessons we’ve learned and the growth we’ve seen and continuing to invest in you for years to come. In fact, we’re only on day one so we’re just getting started. If you’ve ever considered Reclaim as an option we truly think you’ll find no better place to learn and grow online supported by an awesome community and company that just gets it. Join us today!

Photo Credit: Hafiz Issadeen