Managed Hosting Questionnaire

The following questions are meant to help guide a successful project and get you up and running in the shortest time possible. Please fill out and return the information that you have available to you, but we understand that you may not have all the answers right now and that’s ok too.

Contact Information
  1. Who will be the primary person to contact with questions in the future, not just for the setup, but for the long term project?

  2. Please enter anyone Reclaim should expect to receive correspondence from, what role they play (eg, team member, project lead, billing contact, etc.), and what their email is.
    Please note that only team members/admins will be expected to send support tickets. For larger teams, we recommend using a shared inbox for support requests.


  3. Of the people in the previous question, who will be sending support tickets, and who will receive particular correspondence?
    Reclaim sends out invoices and contracts, a monthly newsletter with information for admins, and general account updates/questions. Please indicate what each person is to receive (eg, Jane Doe, Invoices/Newsletter/Account Info/Support Inquiries):

Single Sign On Integration
  1. Will you need SSO?
    If so, does your school utilize LDAP, CAS, Shibboleth, or another single sign-on solution? Please specify. If you’re part of the InCommon Federation, that is also important to know.


  2. If you need SSO as a part of the project, what is the name and email address of the person we should expect to work with during this process?

Initial Setup
  1. What IP ranges are used by your school?
    We will need this information to make sure they are whitelisted on the new server.


  2. What is your planned project?
    For Example: WordPress Multisite, Single Site/Application, Managed cPanel Sites, etc.


  3. Desired Project Homepage URL:
    For example, or


  4. Current URL of Single Site
    This is for if you plan to migrate only one site. Please specify application type (WordPress, Omeka, Drupal, etc.) in addition to whether this is a WordPress Multisite.
  5. URL structure of Individual/End User Sites
    If you have a multisite please clarify the URL structure below (i.e. If you are working with multiple separate sites, please list URLs below. Please include the application type for each site (WordPress, Omeka, Drupal, etc.).

Migration & Launch
  1. Do you need Reclaim Hosting’s assistance to migrate any elements of this project?
    If so, how many sites need to be moved? What details will be important for us to know?


  2. When are you hoping to have everything set up and/or migrated to Reclaim Hosting?


  3. Is there anything else you would like us to know?