Infrastructure Elements for DoOO

Reclaim Cloud

Reclaim Hosting will provision an optimized scalable environment on our cloud infrastructure powered by Jelastic. With an SSD-exclusive infrastructure, our cloud hosting platform provides major performance benefits that set it apart from other services. Servers are easily scaled up and down on-demand as growth necessitates. Storage can grow with your project at a low per-GB rate and no ceiling. With datacenters on East and West coasts, as well as in the UK, we believe the low latency and gigabit network speeds that we provide are a perfect fit for any Institution.


At the core of your account management is cPanel/WHM, giving you user-accessible access to add FTP accounts, modify PHP configuration values, upgrade PHP, and much more.

Offsite Backup and Restore

Reclaim Hosting uses Jetbackup, a native cPanel plugin and software that connects to offsite storage and includes the following features:

  • The ability to backup and restore an entire cPanel account (SSL Certs, DNS zones, Email) in addition to file & database level backups
  • Easy to use restoration tools for end users
  • Low load backup processes with incremental storage

The standard JetBackup Backup Policy at Reclaim Hosting includes the following: 3 Daily Backups, 2 Weekly Backups, 2 Monthly Backups. Additionally, end users can also take advantage of Installatron backups at the application level, and more information can be found here.

Finally, daily incremental and weekly full backups of all containers on our infrastructure are taken and stored on a separate server for disaster recovery. Backups are stored for 14 days. Reclaim Hosting provides a robust SLA with this quote to restore services in the event of failure on the entire container or more granular restoration of data.

BitNinja Secure Firewall

Maintaining a secure environment is a top priority for Reclaim Hosting. In addition to regular patching and maintenance at the server level, Reclaim licenses BitNinja on all servers. Bitninja is a global distributed firewall that monitors traffic in realtime from all licensed servers. In practice this means that our customers benefit from the detection of malicious traffic from all servers licensed and connected to the web and the majority of traffic that could harm your install is blocked before it can even get to your server.