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bava on the Edge

On the edge, I’ve been there And it’s just as crowded as back home. Dag Nasty, “La Peñita” Yesterday I did a little experimenting on the good old to test the notion of application delivery networks (ADNs). You probably … Continue reading

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Exploring the new Ghost Installer for Reclaim Cloud!

Today Jim and I did a stream showcasing a new Ghost installer for Reclaim Cloud that should automate a lot of common setup tasks that people run into when using Ghost. I’m really proud of this installer because I’ve put a bunch of time into making this thing really simple to use for folks who don’t have experience with Docker or Reclaim Cloud, but just want to get Ghost up and running quickly.

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Infrastructure Announcements through 2022

  In response to security improvements, roadmap projects, and software announcements, the Reclaim Hosting infrastructure team would like to communicate the following timelines and coming changes through 2022: Updates to

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Removing Advanced CloudLinux Apps in cPanel

Starting in January 2022, Reclaim Hosting is removing support for advanced CloudLinux applications in cPanel dashboards, as well as removing the ability to install these applications. Going forward, all advanced

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Retiring Rockaway Hosting

Since we started Rockaway Hosting in 2017, it has served as a sister hosting company to Reclaim. It was aimed at non-education folks that wanted more robust hosting and support

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