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A Reclaim Trip to San Diego

About once a year we try to get the Reclaim team together in person to work alongside each other, brainstorm for the future, and spend some time in a new city. This past weekend we visited San Diego, California for exactly that! Every time we get together in person I always come away feeling really refreshed and motivated to work with such an awesome group of individuals. I’m super thankful to have been able to attend, and looking forward to all the projects and ideas that came from this weekend.

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My multi-monitor, multi-computer, multi-os, working, streaming, recording, and gaming desk setup!

Today I did a stream talking all about my desk setup! I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, but after wrapping up the Reclaim EdTech OBS flex course, now felt like a good time.
The main trick with my setup is it’s designed to work with both my Macbook Pro, which I use for work and of course runs macOS, as well as my gaming PC, which runs Windows.

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My GIF making workflow with Final Cut and Gifski

File this in “blog it before I forget it.”
Recently I was making a GIF for Lauren based on an idea she had related to Multi-region WordPress Hosting. I have a bunch of different tools that I use when working with GIFs, and I sort of think of them in three categories:
Taking a pre-existing video and making it into a GIF Making tweaks to a pre-existing GIF Video editing tools If I had to break it all down the way I GIFs can be summed up into: Turn something in to a video, then turn that video in to a GIF.

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