All Reclaim Hosting users are granted access to the following applications:


Installatron is a web application installer built into cPanel accounts that allows users to instantly install top web applications with a single click. 

Check out the full list of 150+ open source applications available to Reclaim Hosting customers through Installatron.

Reclaim Cloud Marketplace

Reclaim Cloud offers a wide-range of technologies allowing users to work with applications outside of the LAMP stack. Check out our full list of available Marketplace apps or get started with one of the following custom installers:

Ghost • Mastodon • Azuracast
PeertubeJitsi Meet •

Custom 1-Click Installers

Thanks to web developers that have partnered with Reclaim Hosting, the following web applications are also currently available as 1-click installers in cPanel environments:

Mukurtu • Scalar • Grav •
OmekaS CBOX • OHMS Viewer •

Before getting started, make sure to check out our support resources for more information about working with applications, installer upgrade timelines, application-level support policies, and more.

Have something else in mind?

Reclaim Hosting invites web developers to build out and share their custom, 1-click application installers with the larger Reclaim Community. Click below for more information about building installers for cPanel or Reclaim Cloud. Alternatively, feel free to submit a feature request in our Community Forums for installers that you might hope to see in the future.